Eight Minutes with Ali Farrell

In our 8-minute discussion with Ali Farrell, Global HR Leader APPRENTICE.IO we got into the heart of what it’s like building a hyper-growth startup.

  1. The struggle is focused on how we make sure we are growing the business while we grow our employees. We need them to be successful while we grow but the question is how we enable and empower them while we grow…without putting the business at risk.
  2. Recruiting a workforce these days is hard. It’s also harder retain and to engage employees. Being a startup (building the plane while we’re flying it) means we’re in the process of building out the programs that will attract, retain and engage an effective workforce.
  3. Hard for the executive team to give up control for making the decisions that will deliver on growth. It’s a balancing act because that trust isn’t there yet at that level.

“We’re growing faster than human trust is naturally built.”

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