It’s time to wake up. WAY is a boutique coaching company, coaching consciousness in leadership, organizations, and families. When we awaken to the idea that we are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole we begin to heal and grow from our past and stand into our life with purpose. We have been inspired by our own personal journeys to guide others towards a life of purpose. And that starts with us doing our own WAKE UP work, in healing, growing, and being the example of the change, we want to see for others. The kind of change that connects and inspires.

For over ten years, WAY has been coaching individuals, teams and families in finding greater purpose and fulfillment in their lives – at work and at home. And this journey has shown us just as much about how we are individually and how we want to show up in the world. This exchange of deep learning and radical responsibility is what keeps us going and wanting to serve in a multitude of ways. We consider ourselves blessed to be in this work.

  1. WAY = Business Coaching, Purpose Work, and Keynote Speaking
  2. stratuum = Beliefs/Values/Behaviours, Capability Alignment, Organization Model Development
  3. WAY & stratuum = Purpose, Strategy Design, Strategy and Cultural Alignment

DECK Leadership, performance coaching and authors of 12 Second Culture, have partnered with stratuum to help deliver real impact to business organizations. After years of successfully building high performing teams inside and outside of NASCAR racing, DECK Leadership bottled up their success to share the wealth with organizations who aspire to have their executive teams “operating like a pit crew”. DECK’s platform is centered on Diversity, Efficiency, Culture and Kindness, which has proven to deliver results on and off the track.

Now we have a way to capture great conversations into a strategy framework used to align capabilities and initiatives to deliver results. Over time, you can empirically see the results. DECK Leadership inspires companies to want to change but sometimes they don’t know how or where to start and it’s hard to quantify results. With stratuum, the future is now defined and there is a framework to showcase results.

  1. DECK = Team Building, Performance Coaching, Motivation and Keynote Speaking
  2. stratuum = Strategy Design, Capability Definition, Minimal Viable Characteristic (MVC) Market Testing
  3. DECK & stratuum = Purpose, Performance Framework, Impact Metrics and Change Management

The identity of Anavate Partners is rooted in transformational thinking, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Anavate Partners call on broad professional experience, detailed industry knowledge and genuine personal investment in creating value for clients. They bring unparalleled dedication to the success of each and every solution implementation. Serving major brands nationwide, we work with a future-focused approach to everything we do.

Organizations are tied down by decision making that is constrained to forecasting based on past, and often irrelevant data. It is excruciatingly difficult and time intensive to procure all the data needed to make these decisions, often involving hundreds of spreadsheets from multiple different business functions. Anavate Partners aims to create freedom for clients through the premier connected planning solution in the marketplace.

  1. Anavate Partners = Business Planning, Forecasting, Enterprise Performance Management
  2. stratuum = Business Modelling, Scenario Planning, Minimal Viable Scenario (MVS) Market Testing
  3. Anavate Partners & stratuum = Designing the Future, Performance Framework, Impact Metrics

Agile research is here. The better you understand your customers, employees, and constituents, the better products, companies, and experiences you can create. Remesh allows you to have a live conversation with your audience at scale, using AI to analyze and organize responses in real-time. Using AI, the Remesh platform analyzes the opinions and interactions of up to 1000 participants, and helps you understand the responses that best represent the group, all in a matter of minutes. This helps mitigate risk and make better decisions, faster, enabling you to gain quick, frequent, actionable insights that incorporate the customer voice throughout the innovation process.

Remesh was founded with the mission to create a technology that could truly represent the will of the people and amplify their collective voice. As a company, Remesh believes in the power of helping people understand one another, which requires engaging, exchanging ideas and having a dialogue with groups of people at a massive scale. Rememsh also believes that conversations that bridge cultural, political, social, economic and geographic divides ultimately lead to a more unified and less divided world.

  1. Remesh = Qualitative Insights, at Scale, in Real-time
  2. stratuum = Capability Design, Hypothesis Testing, Minimal Viable Product (MVP) Market Testing
  3. Remesh & stratuum = Impact Insights, Employee/Customer Experience Design, Tangible Prototyping