Strategy should be a creative exercise, not just an analytical one

There has never been a better time than today to design the future and deliver it slightly ahead of its scheduled arrival. The misconception is that the future is a photograph when in fact it’s an impressionist painting. You need to continue revisiting and reviewing your strategy so you are never standing still. The good news; with today’s on-line collaboration tools strategy design is a way better experience and you can also have fun doing it!

Conversation before fixes

Engage in conversation and cross-collaboration to define and understand the problem first, before you jump in trying to fix it. We need a different approach if we want to make monumental and sustainable change. Strategy Design is changing the way we frame problems before aligning capabilities and solutions. It brings a different mindset than the one that created the problem in the first place

Designing strategy remotely.

News flash, strategy design and innovation work can (and is) being delivered 100% remotely today. In a post-pandemic world will this entire journey be 100% remote? Absolutely not. On the other hand, I can’t see designing future agendas with large groups being huddled around a whiteboard 100% of the time either. How are you delivering strategy design and innovation work today? How do you think that will change post-COVID?

”Making a dent in the hockey universe” – A Strategy Design Journey

Taking part in sports is important for children; it improves physical and mental health, reduces stress, enhances mood, teaches life skills, builds leaders and boosts self confidence. So, why has hockey, like so many other sports, gone awry? We need to stop the insanity and re-imagine the game as a fun, inclusive and positive experience that represents the diversity of this country while weaving in the best of old and new Canadian culture dynamics into the game in a substantial way.

Riding the next wave.

As Plato once philosophized, “necessity is the mother of all invention”. Meaning a need or problem encourages the creative efforts to meet that need or solve the problem. Given the current events surrounding COVID-19, I’m not sure who would argue. With the travel bans, social distancing and remote working we are about to unleash a tsunami of “creative efforts” to solve the problems that are currently reshaping our way of life. So, the question of the day is do you want to ride the wave or, have it crash over you?